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are our main activities.


Small and medium building, design and construction of full or partial remodeling proyects of diverse kind of properties wich usually involve a space redistribution project to enhance the degree of comfort, natural lighting, ventilation, etc; especially in old buildings with a large number of rooms, small kitchens and bathrooms and very low ceilings. Another important point in these works are the facilities (electricity, water, gas, etc) wich over time become obsolete. To accomplish these tasks we have excellent professional and we colaborate with very prominent companies that offer extensive guarantees on their work.

Besides we develope interior designs for commercial establishments or private homes. Often the technical conditions of a flat are good, but requires a rethink on an aesthetic level. Incorporate new materials or restore old, improve lighting conditions. Renew or update the overall look even including furniture and decoration.

Certain types of "atmosphere" and simple interior improvement can be very useful when selling a property. This is called Home Staging and it is extended to most real estate transactions practice in the US, UK and Northern Europe. The aim is to increase the value of the property and reduce the time of sale. Stand out from other similar products in the market by improving the atmosphere inside. These projects are based mainly in painting, furniture, general decor and lighting but depending on the condition of the property, may include further intervention such as masonry repairs, electricity, small demolitions or carpentry, etc in order to minimize negative aspects and enhance positive.


To arrange any of the above mentioned activities and especially before buying a property, it is important to seek professional advice. This allows to know the real state of the rel state market and the assessment according to the area concerned. As for the property itself and the building on which it is located, there are many aspects that must be considered in assessing a property. They generally have to do with the condition in structural and technical terms. Possible pathologies, future works in the community (which increase the real value of purchase), legal status, inspections, etc. Once this general situation is known, it is also important to have advice as to the potential of a property to improve their conditions of use and occupancy, rethink their aesthetic value and return on the investment.

All these previous aspects before buying a property are analyzed together in a report that also can incorporate metric survey, a draft possibilities plane and an indicative budget for assessing the necessary works.



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